National Security

Our Party SUPPORTS policies and applications which best ensure the safety of our national boundaries, the security of our citizens as well as the financial interests of our nation. Guaranteeing the safety of our domestic boundaries means that we should be able to monitor and handle all traffic crossing our land or sea borders.

Civil Rights

Party service for regulation of union is absolutely not confined to [the couple groups that increase the problem]. Even Though the Party includes a significant Part of libertarians who believe otherwise, Partiers are somewhat more likely than Americans generally to oppose legal recognition of homosexual marriage or civil unions.

Open Government

A Liberal government will embrace a fresh approach to info, beginning with a government-wide directive that the default place for many departments and agencies are to publish information to the general public, both proactively and responsively, after solitude and other legal conditions are satisfied.

Our party

We cherish the right to determine our own destiny rather than have the government determine it for us.

The First Blogging President

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore promised today that he would start a White House blog if elected president in 2008. “I would have a blog,” he said during a meeting with conservative bloggers at The Heritage Foundation. “We’ll do a blog for the White House.”

Gilmore’s proclamation makes him the first Republican, and possibly the first candidate, to support the idea of a White House blog. Gilmore said he is a strong advocate for communicating on the Internet because it allows individuals to bypass the mainstream media.

The current White House communications staff has ramped up its outreach to bloggers under the direction of Press Secretary Tony Snow and Internet Director David Almacy. Snow has held two conference calls with bloggers and reads blogs daily. Gilmore, apparently, wants to take blogging to a new level.

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Jim Gilmore's Accomplishments in Virginia

Progress, innovation, empowerment — these are the touchstones by which Jim Gilmore has governed since the very moment he put his hand on the Bible and swore the Oath of Office.  The result of this leadership has been a strong and dynamic Virginia that even under the pressure of a slowing national economy is growing and leading and advancing into the 21st century.

25 July 2018

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