Why buy used cars in Fontana?

Purchasing used cars in fontana, through a dealership, is possible; You can enjoy various benefits including guarantee and security against the vehicle you are buying. However, before making this decision, we share some recommendations that will allow you to make a correct investment.

Ready to buy used cars in fontana!

We have made a list of the steps and tips you should know to make your purchase in the safest way. We hope it serves you!

Step 1 – Define what car you need

Deciding to buy a car is not an easy task since there are many factors that you should consider, such as the brand, models, year, how many miles and performance you want. Also, it is very important that you define your budget; not only considering the cost of purchase but also the maintenance, patents, etc. If you still have doubts about whether a used car is really the best for you, we invite you to review this complete comparison between a New Car and a Used Car.

STEP 2 – How much should the car I want to cost me?

To begin, it is good to review and quote in different pages of vehicle publications, so you can get an idea of the prices that are handled in the market for that model you want. Visiting different dealers will also be useful since many times the prices that are handled for the same car are different according to each dealership.

STEP 3 – Buy the used car

To check and buy used cars you have two options:

To an individual: In general, buying a vehicle from a private individual is less expensive and you have more options to negotiate and make the price more flexible. However, you should have more eye in reviewing the identity and data that the seller gives you since it could disguise or hide certain faults or scams.

To a Concessionaire: As they are established companies, they are subject to certain rules and operations to protect themselves, for which, in general, they check the used cars they sell very well; This gives you guarantees as a buyer. If you are not yet decided, we recommend consulting this article to know and compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car from an individual or a dealer.

STEP 4 – Check the car

Never buy a car without first making an exhaustive review: mechanical, physical and legal. This is essential to ensure that you are acquiring a vehicle in good condition, with your papers up to date and that it will not bring you any problems or unpleasant surprises later on.

STEP 5 – Financing

Nowadays there are many financing alternatives in the market: conventional credit, smart credit, leasing or leasing, flexible credit and express or instant financing. Remember that when you hire one of these auto credits, your car will remain in pledge until you finish paying all the installments. If you want to avoid this situation you can hire a consumer credit.

STEP 6 – Make the domain transfer

You have already checked the vehicle and chosen how you are going to buy it, now there is only the final step left! Buying a used vehicle and not making the transfer is like having borrowed it. The only way in which the car you buy is legally owned is through the transfer of ownership. This is a standard and mandatory procedure that really is very simple. At this time we do not plan to change cars, but the time will definitely come to take this step. Although the car is not one of our priorities, together with Leticia we have a type of car in mind and we know what to expect. Surely we are going to prepare ourselves to make the best decision for our finances. What are the rules that guide us?

  1. Identify that the needs or reasons why you are buying the vehicle are covered in full. Many times the external part and/or design of the car is given relevance and aspects such as functionality, space, consumption, brand support, maintenance, etc. are reduced.
  2. When selecting the used vehicle that you want to buy, it is important to check: the origin of the vehicle, the documentation, that is up to date and without legal claims, that does not present a payment or pending taxes.
  3. Check the structural part of the vehicle; this must not have significant effects on the chassis and/or body.
  4. The car must not leak fluid or fluids such as oil, gasoline, water, coolant, etc.
  5. All electrical components and accessories of the vehicle must be in operation, including internal and external lights, dashboard, sound, mirrors, on and off the radiator, air conditioning, etc.
  6. When igniting the vehicle, the sound of the engine must be an even sound that does not show sudden and autonomous accelerations or decelerations. In the case of not having much knowledge in automotive mechanics, it is advisable to request an inspection by expert and certified companies.

Remember that the used cars that are part of used cars in fontana are guaranteed; the participating dealers ensure the correct origin and documentation of the used vehicle. “The most important advice is to negotiate the vehicle you want with a dealer that gives you security, support and confidence in your investment”

What is convenient to buy a new or used car?

Many people choose to buy a car that has been previously used but that remains in good condition.


Cost: It is much cheaper to buy a used car than a new car from the latest models.

Depreciation: The sensation of depreciation has been absorbed by the previous owner. So if you also decide to transfer it, there will not be much difference in the payment you gave. Used cars are despised gradually unlike new ones.

Maintenance: When the warranty has been expired, it will not be necessary to take it to the used cars in fontana.