What Sink Works Best For Your Style?

Are you renovating your kitchen? If so, you’re probably thinking about pulling out your existing sink and replacing it with a brand new one. After all, having the right sink can make an enormous difference not only to the functionality of your space but also to its design and aesthetics.

If you’re choosing a new sink, you need to think about choosing one which is perfect for your own unique sense of style. There are lots of different options out there on the market today, so selecting an option which is best suited to your tastes is paramount before you begin the design phase.

Here is an overview of some of the different sink types on the market so you can get some idea of which ones might be right for your own kitchen.

The Single Or Double Bowl Sink

When you have a single bowl sink, the basin will naturally be larger when compared to a double bowl sink. There’s a distinct advantage in this – if you’re going to be washing large pans and pots, you’ll need the extra space. On the other hand, however, if you have a double bowl sink, you’ll be able to conveniently soak dishes in one sink while preparing food in the other. It’s really down to your own personal preference when deciding whether a double or single bowl suits you best, so think about your lifestyle and habits before you choose.

The Drop In Sink

The drop in, or self-rimming sink has its own weight supported with a rim which extends over the counter surface. You can get these kinds of sinks in porcelain, enamelled cast iron or stainless steel, and these are also very simple sinks to install.

The Undermount Sink

Undermounted sinks allow you to have a smooth and uninterrupted surface between your sink and countertop. With its seamless design it couldn’t be easier to clean up since there’ll be no edges for debris and crumbs to get caught up in. Unfortunately, however, you can only install one of these sinks with a solid-surface style counter top such as a marble, granite or composite countertop.

The Integrated Sink

There are some manufacturers of countertops who integrate their sink with their countertop to give a more contemporary look. Integrated countertops and sinks are often made from natural stone like granite or, alternatively, composites like quartz. If you go for this option, your kitchen will have a very modern and distinctive look.

The Farmhouse Sink

Could the farmhouse sink be the right choice for you? They certainly have a timeless look and form a stylish focal point within any type of kitchen. Copper and porcelain farmhouse sinks evoke the feeling of rustic farmhouses and days gone by, however if you choose one made from stainless steel, your space will feel much more modern, particularly if you couple it with appliances made from stainless steel for the industrial look. Farmhouse sinks are also larger than average and can therefore hold your largest platters and pots, making them easier to clean.

The Prep Sink

Prep sinks are usually separate from your main sink. This allows two cooks to work simultaneously in the kitchen. Frequently, prep sinks are installed in kitchen islands to make them extra functional. There are many sizes and shapes of prep sink, so it’s important to select the right style and shape to suit the space you have available and the design and feel of your kitchen.

As you can see, there’s nothing boring about your kitchen sink. In fact, the sink can make or break a kitchen. Make the wrong choice of sink and your room won’t be as functional as it needs to be. Get it right, and your life will be made a lot easier when it comes to preparing food and cleaning up. Whatever your preferences, there is sure to be a kitchen sink out there to suit you. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a separate prep sink or the rustic beauty of a farmhouse sink, you’ll certainly discover beautiful options that fit seamlessly with the style and feel of your home and with your own personal preferences and tastes.